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I picked up a copy of Greg Easterbrook’s The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse last year, looking to feel a bit more existential dread about the direction of the human race. The first half of the book did just that, explaining the phenomena of improving societies and an inversely related declining mental health rate. In other words, how life gets better as people feel worse. The author, provided copious amounts of research, drawing upon things such as suicide rates, depression and anxiety development in current generations, and measures of our new standards of living. …

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Last year, I made the decision to stop using skin care products for whitening purposes. After a couple of months, my complexion grew the tiniest bit darker, back to the natural shade I had been born with. The products I had been purchasing from the Korean beauty supply store had never altered my appearance much after all. It was a small change that was barely noticeable to anyone except me.

When I first bought these products four years ago, I felt kinda silly. I had always been darker-skinned, with a more yellowish/olive undertone, and I knew that there was no…

The Public School Review (Kate Barrington)

This spring, I, along with millions of other high school students, will be celebrating the end of twelve years of schooling and moving onto the next chapter of our lives. In this moment of transition, I found myself reflecting on the schooling system I have spent a majority of my childhood in. It’s easy to look back, bittersweetly, and reminisce at the classes or teachers that have guided me to where I am today. However, it was even easier to overlook the slew of budding conclusions I have formed based on the priorities schools take regarding a child’s education.


Yvon Lu

Economics and Data Science major @Columbia University. Aspiring researcher and blogger, and proud activist. Constantly writing.

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